Each month, we support the work God is doing through 20 missionaries around world.


Taiwan, Beijing, Myanmar, India, Haiti,

Mexico, Dominican Republic, USA, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, England, Serbia,

Czech Republic, France.

“Our ministry in the Dominican would not be happening without the support of Fellowship! When you are walking the streets at 3AM, reminding prostitutes, bartenders, and hustlers that God loves them, you are reminded how important it is to have the support of a great church. People need to be reminded that God loves them, and each time we encounter someone who is far from God, we are reminded of the help of the Holy Spirit to orchestrate these connections. Our heart is to go after the least of these and start a conversation that ultimately leads them to salvation in Christ Jesus.”

- Keith Melugin, Dominican Republic

We make Christ known locally and globally by loving the least, winning the lost, and building the church.

Local Outreach

We believe God has divinely orchestrated that we, His people, inhabit this land. That we have been blessed to be a blessing to the people of our city, right here in Cleveland. And for that reason, we have the responsibility to go and show the tangible love of Jesus to those who are hurting, in need, in our very own community


We set aside one Saturday a month to LOVE THE LAND and serve alongside our local partners. So put on your work clothes and prepare to serve in a variety of ways: food distribution, demolition, landscaping, mentoring, etc. 

From face-to-face interactions to serving behind the scenes, there is a place for you to jump in and LOVE THE LAND.

Love the Land 


Quarterly Food Drive Collection for Chagrin Falls Park Community Center Food Bank

Monthly Homeless Ministry with True Freedom


  • England, Adult. (July 10-17) $2,150

  • Cincinnati, Middle/High School. (June 17-22) $650

  • West Virginia, Family. (July 14-19) $450

  • Ethiopia, Adult. (July 19-28) $3,200

  • Taiwan, High School.(June 6-21) $2,000

2019 Mission Trips


- Building Hope in the City*

- True Freedom Ministries

- Scranton Road Ministries

- Chagrin Falls Park Community Center

*“We love Fellowship’s Love the Land initiative! Not just because of the extra ‘muscle’ it has provided in various service projects, but because our region deeply needs greater unity and collaboration across the Body of Christ. As a church, our commitment to building those bridges matters.We’re excited at Building Hope in the City for what Jesus will do next as He takes hold of our hearts and hopes for ‘the Land’ He loves so much.”

- Brian Upton | Executive Director for Building Hope in the City


- Horizon International

- Ambassadors Football

- Affiliate churches

- Emerging opportunities

Taiwan | June 6-21

SOS | June 17-22

England | July 10-17

West Virginia | July 14-19

Ethiopia | July 19-28


Over the course of the last year we have established a relationship with West Road Church/Westley Church in Bury St. Edmunds as an affiliate church. Under the guidance of former Fellowship Preaching Team member David Oakley, God is transforming lives in England, a country where 95% of people do not attend church. Through our collaboration of strategic planning, sermon preparation, and resource sharing, we get to make an impact on the 95%.


“We are thrilled about our missions partnership with both your congregation and Life Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Your latest gift is but another expression of how this partnership is unfolding as God cares for His kids in Addis through us!” - Bob Pearson, Founder and President for Horizon International

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