Listed below are the sermon series and stand-alone messages from Sunday mornings for the past six months.

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Stand Out

Current (November 8--29, 2020)

Jesus-followers aren’t meant to blend in or go unnoticed in society. The Christ-centered life always causes people to Stand Out. In this series, we will look at 1 Corinthians and discuss the characteristics that should be obvious in every disciple of Jesus.

Let's Have A

Mid-Life Crisis

November 1, 2020

Fellowship missionary Jonathan Morton.

Anxious for Nothing

October 4-25, 2020

It’s no surprise that stress and anxiety are having lasting effects on our mental, spiritual, and physical health. In light of COVID-19 and a polarized nation, is it possible to be anxious for nothing? Join us every Sunday in October as we learn how to cast our cares and develop a lifestyle of peace.

Fellowship Together

September 20-27, 2020

The Bible is clear—we’re better together. God specifically designed us for community. The challenge is that we're living in a socially distant how can we emerge from this pandemic stronger (and more spiritually alive) then when you went in?


Vision Sunday

September 13, 2020

Vision Sunday is a day for our church family to look back and celebrate what God has been doing over the past year. It’s also a day for us to look forward at some new and exciting things we believe God is calling us to pursue together in the year to come.

Ain't No Fool

June 7-September 6, 2020

Proverbs is one of the three books in the bible referred to as “wisdom literature,” and it was largely written King Solomon, who is said to be the wisest man to ever live. Throughout the book, Solomon speaks of two different types of people: the wise and the fool. So, do you want to be wise or a fool?

The Star of the Story

May 31, 2020

Joseph believed he was part of something much bigger, much greater, much more significant than any one single circumstance. Joseph chose to live in light of this much grander story; that decision made all the difference in his life.


April 26-May 24, 2020

Paul, a man suffering in a Roman prison cell, wrote the Book of Philippians to a suffering people. But his letter is all about JOY…and how we can be FULL of JOY no matter what season or circumstance or scenario we might be in.

Impossible Is Nothing

Easter | April 12, 2020

Nothing is impossible for God!

The Power of Perspective

April 5 & April 19, 2020

Perspective is a moving target; it can shift; perspective can change. But when it comes to living out God’s best plan, how do you maintain God’s perspective in your life?

Daniel: Culture Wars

February 23-March 29, 2020

Daniel was taken from his home and raised in a pagan culture, yet he managed to thrive in this. In this series we will look at the life and practices of Daniel and his friends as we compare his journey to the journey we are on today as Christ-followers living in a pagan culture.

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