About Fellowship...


Fellowship is a growing church family born in Cleveland, Ohio, with a heart for people and cities everywhere.


OUR MISSION is simple: to make Christ known.

OUR VISION is to see a movement of ordinary people leveraging their lives for the glory of God.


WE DO THIS in three primary ways: gather, grow, go.


We gather together on the weekends to experience God in a fresh way. We are committed to our Sunday morning gatherings as a place to engage with the Word of God and the people of God.

We choose to be intentional about our spiritual growth. We have groups meeting throughout the week in pockets of 10-12

to do life together.

Church is not a building or a place to go. It is us being built together and sent into the world to live on mission every day. It's not uncommon to see our people serving the community and half way around the world all throughout the year.

During Nehemiah's time, the city of Jerusalem had been in ruins for 150 years. As Nehemiah heard of this, his heart broke. He was sent back to the land to repair the walls. What was in ruins for 150 years was rebuilt in 52 days because each person owned their influence and began rebuilding the wall in front of their own house. As a church, we have an opportunity to each play our part in owning our influence, whether that be in our family, in our workplace, in our neighborhood, or right here in the local church. It's time for us to build together...


Over the next twelve months, we are committed to building our people through:


  • FELLOWSHIP GROUPS: At Fellowship we believe we are better together. We gather in groups in homes and cafe's each week to connect with one another and grow in our faith.

  • FELLOWSHIP TEAMS: Our church is built on the sacrifices of many, not the talent of a few. This place simply would not run without teams of volunteers. Jump in and find your place!

  • LOVE THE LAND: We invite everyone to participate in our monthly outreach initiative to serve the least and the lost in our very own city.

Over the next twelve months, we are committed to building our culture through:


  • TEAM TIME: 15 minutes set aside for the serving team you join to be together in community, share information, be inspired, and pray and ask God to show up.

  • DNA: A four week course discovering who we are as Fellowship and how you fit. DNA will be offered several times throughout the year.

  • NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS: A time for our volunteers to celebrate all that God has done and be inspired by all that He will continue to do throughout the year.

Over the next twelve months, we are committed to building our brand through:


  • UPDATING OUR VISUAL AND PHYSICAL PRESENCE: We want people in our community to think of Fellowship when they have a spiritual question or when a spiritual need arises. We want to be their first phone call, their first google search, the first building they enter to get answers to those questions and have those needs met. We will update our visual and physical presence in a way that is welcoming, inviting, and excellent.


Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.